Revamped: Training Plans and Individual Workout Sessions

It’s June 2012 and halfway into the season! I have re – looked and revised my current price plans to a less complicated one and have put it into an easily comprehensible format.

3 levels of plans will still be offered (basic – advanced), and you can see the difference between them in the comparison table below:

In addition, individual workout sessions are held every Friday night at T3 Bicycle Gears – Bukit Timah Branch. The shop is located just beside the junction of Sixth Avenue and Bukit Timah Road, which makes it pretty accessible. They are a really friendly bunch as well, and provide top – notch bicycle servicing services, so don’t worry about getting your bike dirty or hammering your bike till it breaks during the workouts! Just focus on giving yourself a good whacking!

Do email me at for any enquiries or if you’re interested in going faster but just don’t know how!

Services: Physiological Testing

Want to go faster? Train smarter? Don’t know where to start?

Start by knowing your baseline fitness values!!

Here’s more information and a description of the 2 physiological tests I offer:

Lactate Threshold Test (LT Test)

Lactate Threshold (LT), also called “anaerobic threshold (AT)”, can basically be defined as the highest exercise intensity at which blood lactate concentration remains stable, or before the onset of blood lactate accumulation. It is one of the key physiological markers that are predictive of cycling performance. Sounds complicated?

In layman’s terms, blood lactate is what causes the burning sensation when you decide to go hard for a period of time. In simple sense, what this means is that the higher your power output at LT, the faster and longer you will be able to go, assuming that everything else is equal!

You will be required to do a 30-minute all – out time trial effort and your test results will be taken based on this effort.

The session should take about an hour – including warm – up, cool – down, as well as discussion of the test results.

Graded Exercise Test (GXT)

The Graded Exercise Test is a step test; with every step being a certain increment in terms of power (watts) and each increment is usually 3 – 5 minutes long, depending on the test protocol. As with most tests, you will be required to exert maximal effort.

So what’s the difference between this test and the rest? This test lets you know 3 things: Your lactate threshold, aerobic threshold, and maximal aerobic power (MAP). Top riders have excellent values in these 3 physiological traits, and if you are really serious about training and improving performance, this test is for you.

The test itself should take around 40 minutes, total duration on 1 session should be slightly more than an hour, including warm – up and cool – down. The test results will need a day or 2 to process, and will be sent to you via email. Consultation and interpretation of test results is available too, just arrange an appointment when you’ve received the results!