Videos for your Entertainment!

It’s that time of the year again, when the whole cycling scene across the globe slowly dies down and retreats into a little corner for a short rest.

The pros are taking their well – deserved time off the bicycle (at least once Tour of Beijing is done), and racing takes a step back in their minds. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and it’s the time of the year where everyone is in a lull mood.

For such a time as this, here’s a compilation of videos I find interesting and would keep our spirits up and feel motivated, ready for the next season!

Team Sky – Road to Glory

Here’s just a short teaser on the new documentary series on Sky Atlantic. What does it take to be a Tour de France – winning team? Definitely an interesting one to watch!

Bradley Wiggins – A very British Champion

More about the 2012 Tour de France Champion!

Quickest Bike change EVER

I recall the Men’s Elite from Singapore National Team practising bike changes for their Team Time Trial, but it’s definitely not as fast as this!!

Angry bird vs Cyclist

Fond (or not…) memories of riding in Geelong during Magpie season. The zip – ties made cyclists look like aliens, but do they work? Watch this to find out …

Conclusion: The zip – ties don’t work!!

ICEdot Helmet Crash notification alerting system

DC Rainmaker did a short review here: I personally think it’s a really great idea, but whether it will work outside of the USA remains to be seen.

Malcolm’s first descent

Malcolm is 4 years old and this is his FIRST time descending the first ramp on Hellion Park at Highland MTB Park in the US. Very cute yet inspiring.

Road Bike Party

It was a huge toss up on which video to leave you with, but this one won. If you’ve always had a biased stigma on what bicycle can/can’t do, here’s proof that it’s us humans that are often times the limiting factor! BE PREPARED TO BE AWED!

Warning: Please do not try all of this. For starters, here’s some background on Martyn Ashton:

I leave with that. ENJOY!

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