The Post – Tour Syndrome


And that’s it for Tour de France 2011! I’m stoked to say that my prediction came true – Cadel Evans wins his first ever Grand Tour, albeit the biggest one!

I was watching this video on youtube on Mia Freedman commenting on Cadel Evans and his win … and she’s one ignorant person! I think many people don’t realise just how tough the sport of cycling is and how little these professionals get paid as compared to many other sports!! If people were in professional cycling for the money, fame, and whatever, I think they would have quit the sport long time ago!!!

Cadel Evans win of the Tour is evidence and inspiration that as long as you’re hardworking, honest, consistent, and keep believing, you’re bound for great things. He’s one of the most complete cyclist of this generation in my opinion, not forgetting the fact that he was the World Champion in 2009 as well. He has always been up there in the world of cycling in terms of results, and for ages (10 years to be exact) has been trying to win the Tour de France. Always so close, but never. He’s always bagging podium placings, top race finishings, or wins from the start of the cycling season right through till the end. Always up there and consistent. I’d recommend everyone to read his book, Close to Flying, and you’d be agreeing with me!

The reason why I chose the picture above and not the usual pictures of the podium ceremony is because to me, this depicts more of what cycling really is – pure and raw. And mind you, his teammates were about as excited as most of Australia were! I’ll put the links up to their blogs if I’ve the time … but it isn’t everyday you get to be in the winning team of the Tour de France!!

Time for me to get some sleep, but have you ever had this thing called the Post – Tour Syndrome … where you suddenly feel quite lost as to what to do when you open up your web browser and use the internet?

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